Thursday, July 27, 2006

Open Innovation Blueprint: Commandment 7

This continues my on-going blog on mapping out a blueprint for implementing Open Innovation. The first entry in this series talked about the framework I am using to analyze this question, the Ten Commandments of Change Management. Open Innovation is a big change, and therefore requires a change management program. In today's blog, I'll cover the seventh element of the framework:

7. Craft an implementation plan
Use a focused approach to rolling out Open Innovation. Go after low-hanging fruit, drawing other business units in as you demonstrate success. For example P&G’s first deal was to Tropicana which immediately paid the salaries of the 5-person Open Innovation unit. Here is an example implementation plan:

First month
  • CEO communicates the need for Open Innovation
  • Appoint Chief Innovation Officer
  • Identify business unit to pilot Open Innovation
  • Set goals with the business unit

Second month

  • Staff the Open Innovation unit
  • Train R&D on how to work with the Open Innovation unit
  • Technology Scouting: Identify and prioritize key market trends and needs
  • Technology Marketing: Identify and categorize IP

Third month

  • Initiate the Innovation Roadmapping process
  • Begin operating your Technology Scouting and Marketing processes
  • Continue training and executive communication
  • Initiate relationship with peer companies to share best practices

I'll mention again, in the spirit of being open, all of these ideas are open for discussion, so please share your thoughts!


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