Friday, June 09, 2006

Open Innovation Blueprint

Open Innovation is one of the biggest, and most positive new ideas to hit corporations and the economy since the downturn threw cold water on all our fun. This is such a big idea that corporations should think carefully about how to jump in. Over the next few days I will be posting my thoughts for implementing Open Innovation in a corporation, particularly a large corporation. I've found using a framework to construct an implementation plan helps you consider issues you will encounter before they arise. I will be using a framework called the Ten Commandments of Change Management for devising the plan:

Ten Commandments of Change Management
  1. Analyze the organization and its need for a change
  2. Create a shared vision and common direction
  3. Separate from the past
  4. Create a sense of urgency
  5. Support a strong leader role
  6. Line up political sponsorship
  7. Craft an implementation plan
  8. Develop enabling structures
  9. Communicate, involve people, and be honest
  10. Reinforce and institutionalize the change

Source: Kanter, Stein, and Jick. The Challenge of Organizational Change. ISBN: 0029169917, Free Press, 1992, Page 383

The analysis I will do draws on information from Suzanne Harrison’s new book, Einstein in the Boardroom, Henry Chesbrough’s book Open Innovation, the Harvard Business Review article on Procter & Gamble’s Connect and Develop program, Breakthrough by Stefik & Stefik, and my own interviews and experience.

In the spirit of being open, all of these ideas are open for discussion, so please share your thoughts!


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