Thursday, August 07, 2008

Interesting uses for Alarm Clocks and Interesting Alarm Clocks

Here are some interesting uses of alarm clocks and alarm clocks that do interesting, unusual things or wake people up in unusual, better, ways:

Alarm clock that wakes you up by wind chimes – The Wind Chime Alarm clock combines punctuality with the sound of metal pipes clinking against each other. (source)

Activating a hearing aid – The beauty of poor hearing is you can sleep soundly if you can just depend on your hearing aid turning on at the right time. (source)

Pillow vibrator – An alarm clock that vibrates your pillow to wake you up (source)

Alarm clock to alert students to take breaks – Many schools now use Alarm Clock-type desk accessory to alert students to take a break once or twice an hour. (source)

Alarm clock that hides itself so you have to get up - Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a roving alarm clock that finds a new hiding spot and waits to go off again when the snooze bar is pressed. (source)

Cure self-mutilating behavior – “Have the victim set a few minute time limit using an alarm clock to delay self injury and note how the intensity of the urge changes.” (source)

Awaken person through light – Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Projection Alarm Clock is an attractive blue atomic clock that beams a fixed projection onto the ceiling of a darkended room. (source)

Headset for sleeping on trains (cancels out noise and wakes you up) – It is an object of the invention to provide a combination noise blocking headset and alarm clock which is capable of blocking out ambient noise of a commuter train or subway in order that a commuter will be able to nap or read without distractions. (source)

'Reverse Alarm Clock' That Keeps Young Children Sleeping (source)

Alarm clock that deduces emotions – Our assignment was to see if we could come up with a concept for an alarm clock that would enable us to deduce a whole range of emotions from the way people use it.' (source) (source) (source) (source)

Remind people to be mindful – A second object is to provide an alarm clock system for facilitating a moment of mindfulness, awareness, stress reduction and quiet at random times during the day. (source)

Alarm clock to get out of bad dates – I myself (please forgive me Lord) have used the alarm-clock mode of my cell-phone to get out of bad dates. (source)

Improve voter turnout – A London-area municipality has launched a new Election Alarm Clock service designed to improve voter registration and turnout. (source) (source) (source)

Replicate sunrise – Philips has developed an alarm clock that replicates a sunrise to wake you up naturally, making you more refreshed when it's time to get up. (source)


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