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Interesting uses of nail clippers

Here are some novel uses of nail clippers:

□ Remove burnt spot from carpet – "Use a good pair of scissors or a pair of nail clippers to cut the carpet fiber being careful only to remove the damaged section." (source)

□ Cut pills for desired dosage – "People have also used razors, Exacto knives, and nail clippers to make really small doses." (source)

□ Cutting yarn on plane where scissors are banned – "To cut your yarn inflight you can use nail clippers or a box of floss." (source)

□ Make a short card to cheat or do magic tricks – "You can use a nail clipper to make a short card. Just cut like a 16th of an inch off the corner, then round it with a nail file." (source)

□ Opening difficult bottles – "Childless DIYer Kyle describes how to use a thumbtack, a spoon and nail clippers to disarm difficult-to-open bottles of three varieties--the squeeze and turn, the push down and turn and the push tab and turn kinds." (source)

□ Open pill packages – " Just today I had to use a nail clipper to open a pair of cold remedy pills, because instead of using the "easy" way to tamper-proof a pill (plastic shell, peel-off paper backing, then push out the pill) they decided to put two non-peelable layers to seal the plastic bubble, then expect you to be able to cut the pack in half just because there's a 1/8" pre-cut in the plastic." (source)

□ Prove virginity – "Rodriguez uses nail clippers to draw blood from her own fingertip, swipes her blood on a cloth (without anyone but the bride seeing) and the bride presents the red-specked kerchief to everyone waiting - saving her reputation and marriage." (source)

□ Trimming candle wicks – "Use toe nail clippers to trim wicks in jars in which scissors won't fit." (source)

□ Trimming your beard in prison – "Strangely enough, trimmers are still regularly removed from electric razors, forcing inmates to decide either to buy a clear case model or simply use nail clippers to trim beards and mustaches." (source)

□ Trimming lashes uniformly – "I've also heard that a pair of baby-sized nail clippers is the best way to trim the lashes to a uniform length and curvature." (source)

□ Cutting an umbilical cord – "An 18-year-old woman who gave birth to a baby girl in the desert used nail clippers to cut her baby's umbilical cord before being rescued by U.S. Border Patrol agents" (source)

□ Cut fishing line – "Nail clippers are probably the easiest and most effective way to cut fishing line." (source)

□ Trimming extra wire hanging from kids’ braces – "You may also try using a nail clipper or cuticle cutter to cut the extra piece of wire that is sticking out." (source)

□ Nicking seeds to help them grow – "I started in mid March, used a toe nail clipper to nick the seed, soaked for a few days, then planted in a small black pot, which I kept moist." (source)

□ Trimming a beak – "A pair of sharp nail clippers may be used to trim beaks and nails, but care must be taken not to cut to far." (source)

□ Trimming teeth – "To trim those teeth we use large dog nail clippers or you can use a dremal tool with a small grinder attachment." (source)

□ Doing bonsai – "Use his toe nail clippers to trim your bonsai tree." (source)

□ Trim nose hair – "Women are better off not knowing that we eat with our hands the minute they leave the room or that we use their nail clippers to trim our nose hair." (source)

□ Break packing straps – "Use plastic mallets, nail clippers & sheet metal cutters for breaking the straps." (source)

□ Cracking beads for crafts – "A pair of pliers or a nail clipper is a really good tool to crack the bead in half." (source)

□ Escape from jail – "Using nail clippers to fiddle with a lock, Bobby Marcantel escaped from the Parker County jail." (source)

□ Use in recycling – "For GMA recycling operations, the company uses the Heartland Fabrication single-head nail clipper to prep lead boards and remove broken stringers." (source)

□ Marking turtles – "Use nail clippers to mark very small turtles." (source)

□ Remove lesions – "Softened, affected lesions were removed with a nail file or nail clipper." (source: Japanese Journal of Medical Mycology)

□ Remove burrs – "Mark, I use nail clippers to remove those burrs." (source)

□ Snip off blisters – "Suria decided to walk bare footed, her feet were still painful because she snipped off the top of her blisters with nail clippers!" (source)

□ Tighten screws – "He uses his nail clippers to tighten screws, cleans his fingernails with a pencil, and writes with burnt matches." (source)

In my research I also found a really cool site of all kinds of interesting uses of common everyday tools. The site is called ParentHacks:

Here was one I encountered: "The hum of the airplane put her to sleep (yay!) but random noises, especially the PA system, would wake her up. We found we couldn't be heard without speaking very loudly right over her, which we didn't want to do (wake-ups). So my husband got two little Dixie cups from the lavatory, and I used baby nail clippers to poach a couple feet of yarn from the end of my knitting project, and we made ourselves an old-fashioned "phone" that reached across her seat and let us speak quietly. I'm sure we looked like idiots, but it worked! Want more tips re: kids + planes?" (source)


Blogger Gary Birtles said...

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