Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Interesting uses of cell phones

I came across some interesting new uses for cell phones.

1. Develop self-esteem and focus positive energy on your love life (source)

2. Buy a Coke at a drinks dispensing machine (source)

3. In the Philippines, more than 4 million people use their cell phones as virtual wallets to buy things or transfer cash (source)

4. Collect ecological momentary assessment (EMA) data (source)

5. Bet on a horse race (source)

6. Activate vehicle engine (source)

7. Japan creates cell phone that recognizes its owner (source)

8. Buy groceries (source)

9. Detonate bombs (source)

10. Target safe groundwater aquifers (source)

11. Unlock a door (source)

12. Activate a hearing aid (source)


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