Friday, January 27, 2006

Article about Steve Wozniak, co-inventor of the Apple Computer

I read an interview of Steve Wozniak in last fall's issue of the Berkeley Forefront magazine written by David Pescovitz of Here are some things Steve had to say that I liked a lot:

"When we were in Apple, I could accurately predict what would happen a year out becuase we were working on it. But if I tried to predict two years out I was usually wrong. Unexpected things would appear and there would be a better way of doing things."

So it is: innovation is hard to do, even for a guy like Steve Wozniak, the co-inventor of the Apple Computer.

I liked these personal notes about Steve as well:

"I had always envisioned a life with a reasonable engineer's income, a lifestyle similar to that in which I grew up. I had never developed lofty goals of wealth or possessions. I didn't think I'd have enough money to take a vacation in Hawaii or to even own a home. I had grown up shy and didn't have a social group but I fit in with the people interested in computers. I listened, I talked a bit, I designed stuff, and I showed it off. This was for social reasons, not money. I wanted to share my knowledge and educate others about computers and point out some clever deisgn techniques of my own. So when we did achieve some major success, I had a lot of wealth that I had not pursued."

And this one:

"When we were growing up, we built little electronic parts and systms like house-to-house intercoms. Then we could tell the other kids at school about it and we stood out as a little special. If you're shy, that kind of thing gives you something to talk about."


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