Monday, December 05, 2005

Low-Tech Inventions – Or “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  • Upside Down Ketchup Squeeze Bottle

  • Sliced bread – One person I know who spent time in Africa said they don’t have sliced bread there. The most number of slices you can get out of a loaf of fresh bread with a standard sharp knife is about 5 slices. If the bakery slices it with the best invention ever—the bread slicer—you can get a lot more slices out of that fresh loaf, so it’s truly an important low-tech invention.

  • Velcro - 'nuf said

  • Airborne – A simple herbal formula that many swear by.

  • FedEx – Spoke-and-hub distribution made next-day delivery anywhere in the US possible.

  • eBay – No fancy web technology here, just an old problem begging for new solutions.

  • Baking Soda Toothpaste

  • Baking Soda Odor Eater

  • Zero (0) – Believe it or not, the number 0 was not made up with the rest of the number system. It was invented independently by many societies to resolve certain mathematical ambiguities. (more info)

  • Trivia before movie previews – A great use of unoccupied time and space.

  • Atkins Diet - Eat meat, get fit. What could be more elegant?

  • Car Audio Cassette Adapter

  • Car Audio FM Transmitting Adapter

  • Purell antibiotic hand cleaner

  • Canned Condensed Soup - Invented by an MIT grad, Dr. John T. Dorrance, co-founder of Campbell's Soup.

  • Electric Guitar

  • Miniblinds

  • Legless high chair

  • Child Video & Audio Monitor

  • Bagged Lettuce – Nitrogen packaging preserves freshness

  • Gatorade – Flavored salty water basically.

  • Flowbee

  • VW Bug

  • Pump basketball shoes

  • "Memento" the movie – An innovation in film, where the simple invention is playing the story in reverse.

  • Democracy - We have to keep in mind that the US is a 200-year-old experiment in government by the people.

  • Ambient Orb™ Stock Market / Weather Monitor

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