Tuesday, October 24, 2006

PDMA 2006 - Darrel Rhea Keynote

Darrel Rhea is from Cheskin Research, a leading market research / innovation consultancy.

Main message: making meaning with relentless attention to people you serve.

What’s the role of a keynote speaker?

1. Create a useful framework for the rest of the conference
2. Provoke controversy
3. Remind us of the value and importance of what we do

Darrel showed the Tide package cut up in 16 pieces and jumbled up on the screen. It was still recognizable. Cheskin claims credit for this.

Theme of the conference: competing to win. Cheskin has had a profound impact over 60 years. They worked on x-box, and Windows Mobile, 5 generations of MS Office, etc.

Cheskin’s privilege has been in their access to people. They’ve interviewed millions of people. What have they learned?

He wrote another book called “China’s new culture of cool”. The Chinese youth today is a huge segment and they’re nothing like their parents.

Another book that Darrel has written: “Making Meaning”

As marketers, designers, researchers, inventors, what we do is serve human beings.

To truly serve people requires compassion & empathy.

When we do our best work, we create value, enrich lives, and evoke meaning.


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